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The Carolina Cup Races

History & Traditions

87 years of History, Tradition & Racing

The Carolina Cup Racing Association (CCRA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(4)
organization first organized in 1963 by Mrs. Marion duPont Scott.

The purpose of the association is to manage the Springdale Race Course property as a training center for race horses and as a staging ground for race meets, including The Carolina Cup and The Colonial Cup races. Members of the association have no equity interest, serve with no compensation and do not share in any profits from the organization. The profits, if any, are donated to the Health Resource District of Kershaw County to provide additional health services for the uninsured and underinsured citizens of Kershaw County.

Mrs. Scott acquired the Springdale Race Course and adjacent acreage in 1953 from Mrs. Ambrose Clark of Aiken, South Carolina. Mrs. Scott has been hailed by many as “The First Lady of American Steeplechasing”. Her intrepid horse “Battleship”, by Man O’ War, won the English Grand National at Aintree in 1938. Her Montpelier racing stable won over 50 stake races, over fences and on the flat, and won over $5 million in purses. The Colonial Cup, starting in 1970, was Mrs. Scott’s idea and it became the first international steeplechase run in the United States with a purse of $100,000.

Upon the passing of Mrs. Scott in 1983, she gifted the Springdale race course and adjacent properties to the State of South Carolina. The facility remains under the management of the CCRA.

Previous Carolina Cup Winners:

Year Horse Owner Trainer Jockey
1930 Ballast II N. Laing N. Laing N. Laing
1931 Sea Soldier Mill Creek Stables L. Cary B. Davis
1932 Trouble Maker Montpelier S. Banks N. Laing
1933 Pink Tipped R.K. Mellon J. Ryan W. Street
1934 Charioteer Mrs. T.E. Proctor, Jr.  N. Laing J.P. McCormick
1935 Drinmore Lad P. Mellon J. Ryan J. Ryan
1936 Indigo J.L. Schiff C. Hicks C. White
1937 Fugitive Mrs. G.H. Bostwick R. Duffy D. Kerr, Jr.
1938 Ostend Mrs. F.M. Gould W. Street H. Frost
1939 Faction Fighter Rokeby Stables J. Ryan S. Watters
1940 Faction Fighter Rokeby Stables J. Ryan S. Watters
1941 Memory Lane II Rokeby Stables J. Ryan S. Watters
1942 Rustic Romance Rokeby Stables J. Ryan J. Clyburn
1946 Lancastrian F.A. Clark F. Bellhouse C. Gibson
1947 Compass Rose Montpelier R. Woolfe E. Hutcherson
1948 Big Mike Mrs. G.B. Fluccus W.B. Cocks M. Smithwick
1949 Done Sleeping A. Untermyer W.B. Cocks M. Smithwick
1950 Flare Flight A.M. Hunt S. Watters G. Stephens
1951 Gift of Gold Mrs. M.G. Walsh M.G. Walsh F.D. Adams
1952 Gift of Gold Mrs. S.T. Patterson M.G. Walsh F.D. Adams
1953 Rustling Oaks W.G. Jones W.G. Jones P. Smithwick
1954 Repose Mrs. M.G. Walsh M.G. Walsh D. Thomas
1955 Repose Mrs. M.G. Walsh M.G. Walsh J. Cotter
1956 Dancing Beacon Mrs. G.P. Greenhalgh W.B. Cocks M. Ferral
1957 Dancing Beacon Mrs. G.P. Greenhalgh W.B. Cocks M. Ferral
1958 Grand Chal A.H. Smith J. Aitcheson, Sr. C. Cassidy
1959 Grand Chal A.H. Smith J. Aitcheson, Sr. J. Aitcheson, Jr. 
1960 Ricacho R.D. Rouse R.D. Rouse J. Aitcheson, Jr. 
1961 Ingo H.M. Rhett B. Braemer R. Houghton
1962 Burraidh Mrs. J. Mangione B. Braemer J. Mangione
1963 Flying Cottage B. van Urk W.B. Cocks J. Aitcheson, Jr. 
1964 Flint Fire J.K. Griggs J.K. Griggs M. Ferral
1965 Last Page Buckingham Farm R. Houghton J. Aitcheson, Jr. 
1966 Tancha J.B. Holloway C. Murphy J. Aitcheson, Jr. 
1967 Dunotter Rokeby Stables E. Jackson T. Walsh
1968 Risky G. Dudley, Jr.  J.V.H. Davis J. Fishback
1969 My Chap J.P. Melton M.G. Walsh D. Washer
1970 Hipocampo A. Stern J.V.H. Davis P. Plain
1971 Explode II A. Smith Bowman C.V.B. Cushman J. Fishback
1972 John U. H.J. Nesbitt W.B. Cocks S. Brittle
1973 Selkirk I.A. Daffin J.V.H. Davis M. O’Brien
1974 Breaking Down Mrs. M.G. Walsh M.G. Walsh L. O’Brien
1975 Ballet Master Mrs. J.H. O’Keefe Jill Davis J. Aitcheson, Jr. 
1976 Casamayor Powhatan Stables P. Graham T. Skiffington
1977 Happy Intellectual Mrs. O. Phipps M. Smithwick J. Aitcheson, Jr. 
1978 Crag’s Corner Mrs. M.G. Walsh M.G. Walsh M. Walsh
1979 Leaping Frog Chadd’s Ford Stable J. Sheppard J. Fishback
1980 Zaccio Mrs. L. Murdock W.B. Cocks R. McWade
1981 Romeo Lima P. Brant F. Whiteley, Jr.  G. Morris
1982 Quiet Bay Augustin Stables J. Sheppard J. Cushman
1983 Hypertrophic C.C. Fenwick C. Fenwick, Jr. R. McWade
1984 Carriag Oir (IRE) L. Lindsay B. McWade R. McWade
1985 Eremite Timber Bay Stables J. Sheppard J. Fishback
1986 Retador (CHI) Brushwood Stable W.B. Cocks J. Lawrence
1987 Gogong (NZ) Augustin Stables J.P. Clancy G. Morris
1988 Rio Claro (CHI) P. Portier A. Elder G. Morris
1989 Ulises (CHI) Mrs. M. Valentine W.B. Cocks E. Bruce
1990 Uptown Swell V.K. Payson F.B. Miller B. Miller
1991 Molotov Rokeby Stables W.B. Cocks J. Walsh
1992 Castleworth Fat Chance Farm R. Carrier, Jr. S. Clancy
1993 Mistico (CHI) R.D. Hubbard J. Sheppard C. Thornton
1994 Moonstruck J.M. Henley, Jr. J. Sheppard C. Thornton
1995 Mr. Yankee (NZ) Mrs. J. Bass, Jr. J. Elliot J. Delozier III
1996 To Ridley Mrs. E. Dixon, Jr. J. Fisher S. Clancy
1997 Lonesome Glory Mrs. W. Jeffords, Jr. F.B. Miller B. Miller
1998 Master McGrath W. Lickle J. Elliot A. Kingsley, Jr. 
1999 Lonesome Glory Mrs. W. Jeffords, Jr. F.B. Miller B. Miller
2000 Invest West Augustin Stables J. Sheppard A. Kingsley, Jr. 
2001 Al Skywalker F.D. Adams J.Y. Majette T. Foley
2002 Canta Ke Brave Claytonville Stables J. Day R. Massey
2003 Al Skywalker Watt and Majette J.Y. Majette T. Foley
2004 Preemptive Strike Polaris Stables P. Rowland R. Walsh
2005 Sur La Tete Kinross Farm N. Morris C. Read
2006 Top of the Bill Randleston Farm J. Day C. Rafter
2007 Orison EMO Stables D. Fout M. McCarron
2008 Imagina (CHI) Augustin Stables S. Hendriks J. Petty
2009 Good Night Shirt H.A. Via, Jr. J. Fisher W. Dowling
2010 Spy In the Sky Randleston Farm J. Day P. Young
2011 Sunshine Numbers Mrs. G. Sensor A. Kingsley, Jr. J. Petty
2012 Black Jack Blues I.S. Naylor J.W. Delozier III R. Geraghty
2013 Alajamal G.D. Hawkins J. Elliot R. Geraghty
2014 Top Striker Mrs. G. Sensor A. Kingsley, Jr. W. McCarthy
2015 Diplomat Daybreak Stables J. Day B. Dalton
2016 Balance the Budget Stonelea Stables LLC J. Gomena M. Watts
2017 Show Court (IRE) M.W. Buyck, Jr.  A. Kingsley, Jr. M. Watts
2018 Personal Start M.O. Bryant R.L. Valentine B. Foley
2019 Ice It Dash Stables J. Fisher J. Doyle
2021 Noah and the Ark (IRE) Keystone Thoroughbreds T. McKenna H. Beswick

*Carolina Cup Races were not held 1943-1945, or 2020.

History & Traditions
History & Traditions